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HugeBond Universal Light Cure Dental Adhesive

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Light-Curing Composite Resin

Composite Filling Materials

Zirconia-Based Restorations

Glass Ceramic Restorations

Metallic Restorations

Root Canal Posts

Invisible Orthodontic Attachments

Orthodontic Bands


  • Universality: Suitable for various interfaces

  • Compatible with the cement of light-cured, self-cured and dual-cured.

  • Capable of self-etching, compatible with total-etch and enamel etch techniques.

  • Bonding strength to tooth surface could be over 20MPa.

  • Strong permeability, easy to penetrate the dentin tubules, and then form a strong bond with dentin after curing.

  • Low film thickness.

  • Low microleakage prevents secondary caries and reduces post-operative sensitivity.

  • Packaging

    • Standard: 5ml*1 Bottle

    • Shelf Life: 2 Years

  • Indications

    • Direct bonding under light-cured composite resin or compomer fillings.

    • Indirect dental restorations cementation with resin cement.

    • Repair dental restorations of ceramic, composites or metal alloys, used with light cure composite resin.

    • Seal hypersensitive areas of teeth.

    Clinical Evaluation