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Premium Gradient Multilayer (GM-3D) 100% Tosoh Material Zirconia Block

Prix d'origine €154,00 - Prix d'origine €286,00
Prix d'origine
€154,00 - €286,00
Prix actuel €154,00

Premium Gradient Multilayer (GM-3D) Zirconia Block Specifications

Flexural strength 700Mpa-1060Mpa
Translucency 43%-57%
Density After Sintering 6.03g/mm³
Solubility After Sintering <100μg/mm³


Scope of Application

Permanent anterior and posterior crowns

Permanent anterior and posterior bridges

Implant-supported crowns and bridges


  • Natural transitions in 3 dimensions: shade, translucency and strength

  • This kind of dental cad cam materials is made from 100% TOSOH Powder