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TopCEM Elite System

Prix d'origine €120,00 - Prix d'origine €120,00
Prix d'origine
€120,00 - €120,00
Prix actuel €120,00


  • HugeBond Universal Light Cure Dental Adhesive(5ml)

  • P-Etchant Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel(3ml)

  • TopCEM Dual Cure Resin Cement(8g)

  • TopCEM-Ceramic Primer Ceramic Coupling Agent(5ml)

  • Accessories: Helical mixer+Micro-brush+Mixing pad+Dispensing tip(25G)


  • All indications in one solution, universally applied to different clinical cases

  • A collection of etching gel, primer, adhesive and cement.

  • Self etch and dual cure, suitable for direct and indirect restorations.

  • Easy to handle and operate, guaranteed excellent usage experience.