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TrusFIL-Flow Flowable Composite Restorative

Prix d'origine €24,00 - Prix d'origine €24,00
Prix d'origine
€24,00 - €24,00
Prix actuel €24,00



2g*1 Syringe+10 Dispensing tips

Shelf Life

3 Years


  • Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations (including small, non stress-bearing occlusal restorations).

  • Base/liner under direct restorations. 

  • Repair of small defects in esthetic indirect restorations. 

  • Pit and fissure sealant. 

  • Undercut blockout. 

  • Repair of resin and acrylic temporary restorations.


  • Nanostructured filler loading which contributes to excellent polishability and long-lasting shine appearance.

  • Impressive physical and chemical property guarantees durability after being cured.

  • Good rheological makes it easy to control accurately and be self-leveling, thus achieving a perfectly flat plane.

  • Multiple shades provide an ideal aesthetic effect.

  • Easy to use alone or apply with composite resin.

  • Impressive X-ray radiopacity/radiation resistance, about over 300%.