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Proseal F Enamel Coating Resin

Prix d'origine €16,40 - Prix d'origine €16,40
Prix d'origine
€16,40 - €16,40
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1.5g*1 Syringe+10 Dispensing tips

Shelf Life

3 Years


  • Deep pits and fissures on the occlusal surface, buccal surface and lingual or palatal surface, especially where a probe can be inserted or stuck (including suspected caries); 

  • The contralateral tooth has caries or tends to caries; 

  • Tooth eruption reaches the occlusal surface or the pits and fissures on the crown surface are completely exposed in the oral cavity.


  • Sustained release of fluoride ions can prevent the occurrence of secondary caries. 

  • It shows pink before curing, and opaque white after curing. 

  • High bonding strength and flexural strength 

  • A large amount of fluorine, long-term caries prophylaxis